Engareh Inc. Central Location Test (CLT: hall test) is a quick and high-quality service for checking a product before its launch, testing the shelf appeal of a package, checking a design, checking a concept, or measuring the effectiveness of a commercial product Consumers are contacted by the phone and their arrival to the closest central location is arranged beforehand. During the interview, the interviewer reads questions from the questionnaire and notes interviewee’s answers. Interviewers are experienced and trained professionals that will not influence the answers. Since the interview is done in person, the interviewer can test new products, have participants comment on marketing materials, packaging, etc


Address:9 Unit, 150 NO,Iranshahr St, Tehran, Iran


Phone Numbers

Phone Number: +982188593068

Fax: +982188593067


Hours of work

Saturday to Wednesday : 9 - 17 

Thursday : 9 - 14

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