Major notion services

According to engareh company 's activity in marketing research ,necessity of presenting all the related services in this industry ,and ability of performing the right by experts is been noticed since the begining of this group.

Its clear that span of using marketing researches is not limited to spacefic guild or order to recognizing our business partners,presenting the best approach and flawless performance of projects,with the politics of entry to each kind of applicant industries at marketing research,earned the pervasive experiences.

Major areas of activity so far

  • FMCG
  • Home Appliances&Electronic devices
  • Automotive
  • services and others

Business partners


Address:9 Unit, 150 NO,Iranshahr St, Tehran, Iran


Phone Numbers

Phone Number: +982188593068

Fax: +982188593067


Hours of work

Saturday to Wednesday : 9 - 17 

Thursday : 9 - 14

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