SBE History

The Sanjesh Bonyadin Engareh Company was founded in 2012 with 10 years' experience. The company has been active in marketing research, marketing consulting, branding, and…. etc
The purpose of this company is presenting the best one and the best quality research-marketing service, the company was founded with focusing on the most valuable research methods. Our vision is having full comprehension of existing conditions and meeting our customers' needs in doing research projects. Our company wants to help companies, institutes, and people in achieving their goals. In our way, we rely on educated and experienced work forces; in fact, we want to offer the most content and the most accurate reports to our customers with correct planning and implementing operational part with high quality.

The Engareh Company has been active in designing and executing marketing research projects in car, publishing and printing, clothing, cosmetics, and home appliances industries.


Address:9 Unit, 150 NO,Iranshahr St, Tehran, Iran


Phone Numbers

Phone Number: +982188593068

Fax: +982188593067


Hours of work

Saturday to Wednesday : 9 - 17 

Thursday : 9 - 14

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